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AT Cranes: 100 – 300 tons cranes

Truck and Trailer (B- Train)

Spierings Mobile Folding Crane

Manufactured in The Netherlands, this machine combines the features of a telescopic
crane with those of a conventional tower crane in one machine: a mobile, hydraulic tower crane with a
computer aided erection mechanism. For the compact and mobile design, these cranes are very
suitable to work in confined areas. The crane can be erected above ground and therefore doesn’t need a
large space. Due to the very short time needed for erection, the crane is ideal for small jobs or even
single lifts. Spierings cranes can do easily several jobs at various locations during one day.

100 tons mobile crane
Set up time: 90 min
Dismantling: 90 min
Extra equipment: Truck/trailer
with Counterweight
Spierings Crane
Set up time: 15 min
Dismantling: 15 min
No extra equipment needed